What we’re asking

We would like to preface these requests by stating that we fully support the right of all individuals to support the political candidate of their choice as that is the very basis of a democratic society.

In this case, however, our leader’s actions are negatively impacting the people who work at Oracle. Many Oracle employees and their families have been profoundly harmed by this administration’s policies and rhetoric and we feel that our leader’s alignment with the Trump campaign imperils our company morale, violates our company ethics, and damages the integrity of the Oracle brand.

We want to work in a place that listens and responds to our concerns. So here they are:

  1. First, we’re asking that Larry Ellison and the Board of Directors host a fundraiser or commit funds to a humanitarian cause of their choice. (An example of a tech leader allocating resources to a crisis that affects us all—climate change. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/17/technology/jeff-bezos-climate-change-earth-fund.html)
  2. Second, we’re asking for a statement from our CEO and Board of Directors denouncing the administration’s reckless, divisive political tactics, reaffirming our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and committing to diversifying the Board of Directors. 
  3. Additionally, we would like Larry Ellison, Safra Catz, and the Board of Directors to publicly respond to the following questions:
  • Does the Board of Directors understand the harm that has been and will continue to be done to average people, immigrant families, women, people of color, trans and gender-nonconforming communities, the environment, democracy, and global security under the Trump administration? 
  • Given the concerns about financial corruption in the Trump administration and past and current campaigns, as well as the other issues listed in the petition, is the Board concerned that Larry Ellison’s unprecedented support of Donald Trump contradicts Oracle’s standard of political neutrality and our core values? 
  • Oracle expects all employees, including executives, to abide by a code of ethics. We believe this set of ethics is being violated. What steps will the board take to remedy this perceived violation of company ethics?